Black is My Happy Color

This is a one of my favorite posts from last year.  It has been a busy, busy, week here at City House!  More about that next week.  Hope you like this post as much as I do!

I saw a girl wearing a tee shirt the other day that read “Black is My Happy Color” and I laughed because black is definetely my “go to” favorite color. I remember my first black velvet dress at around age ten, I  thought is was the most elegant thing I had ever owned. Maybe my love of black started then.

Today I strongly believe no interior is complete without a touch of black.  It is a timeless color.  Black always adds emphasis just like a black picture frame highlights the white mat and photo.  Oddly it can make small rooms seem bigger, as the lines tend to disappear.  Black will always add depth and can anchor a space like no other color.

There are many ways to incorporate black to your interiors.  Consider adding accents and textiles in black when looking for a bit of drama or elegance.


I am tempted to paint a room black, but as I am limited on natural light, I will resist.  If you are feeling brave and love black, try an entire room like these brave souls:

Yes, I know Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is “Simply White” .  However pair it with black and you have a winning combination.








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