Never Say Never


Remember way back when when I posted a blog ‘Everything Old is New Again’?  I stated I had done so much furniture refinishing that I would never paint a wood piece again.  Well I am a liar.  I have become addicted to chalk paint!  It is the most amazing product!

When we first moved in the kitchen was dated, yellow countertops and blue walls, not my favorite.  We did the basics; new countertops, made room for a dishwasher, and new appliances.  I didn’t go too crazy as initially I thought I would turn the sun room into an upstairs kitchen.  But when that didn’t happen …

It all started with an oak server I have had forever.  Yes,  I painted a wood piece black and I love it.  And I kept going by taking the doors off a few cabinets and painting them.

I love the way my kitchen looks and am happily eating my words. I might add some white subway tiles for the backsplash, but that is definitely a fall project. I see a good deal of painting in my future!

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