The Little Room that Could …

This is the smallest and the sweetest room in our house.  It faces west and the afternoon light is fantastic! Here is a glimpse of how it looked when we moved in:


The first redo was a small bedroom for our daughter. Mind you she has not lived home since college, but a mom can dream, right?


For a short time I used this space as an office. This lasted about a minute as I need a lot of space – that’s all there is to it. I tried to make it work, but I like the dining room table as the ideal desk size.


This is the most recent change:


The goal was a more gender neutral look. This now is a nice little space to relax, play guitar or watch movies on a laptop. Most of all it is a great guest room for one.

The day bed worked out especially well as it is a little higher than a regular twin bed, which leaves lots of room for storage underneath.


I especially like the map over the bed in this room. The simplest DYI to date. Just wrapped foam core board with the map, taped the back, and hung it with string. The best part is its as light as feather.


One project down for 2016, and feeling confident about the next one!


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