A Wonderful Mess


What do you get when you mix Mid-Century Modern, English Country, and Ralph Lauren Style? I know what you’re thinking, a wonderful mess! However, it is design eclecticism at its finest. Eclectic style is often referred to as a collected look, as it involves a lot of different elements. The key to making it all work is using sound design principles to guide you through the process.  Basic characteristics of eclectic mix include:

A mix of antiques with modern furniture.

Unique and one of a kind objects, quirky finds.

Artwork of different periods.

Mismatched furnishings.

So, how do I mix it up?  My Mid-Century Modern style comes mostly from accessories, artwork and my streamlined bar cart.


English Country style from my love of displaying china, antique furniture, and my collection of floral prints.


And Ralph Lauren style from my tried and true red and black color combinations, blue and white pottery, and antique books.

The most wonderful part of eclectic style is there is always room to add as many styles as you like!












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