VP of Style

As you may or may not know, I work for Ethan Allen Interiors.  How wonderful it is to be surrounded by gorgeous furniture and accessories every day! Recently, I was chatting with my co-workers about the new introductions coming our way this spring, when the conversation turned to our planning department. Ethan Allen has a wonderful planning department which oversees 300 design centers in the US and abroad. The person who leads this team has the distinguished  title of V.P. of Style. What a great title! This person and their team travels the world examining and predicting design trends.  Next it is translated into the Ethan Allen design centers.

I started thinking, we may not be able to travel the world and change our homes every 6 months, but we certainly can achieve this in a virtual way. We have design publications and Pinterest photos from all over the world at our fingertips via the web.

I have always felt our homes are the back drop or the “Set Design” for our lives. Just think of all the important moments that happen in our homes everyday. Our homes deserve to be their best; a true expression of you and your family. Your home should always be evolving, not stagnant, just like our lives. So when it comes to being a V.P of Style in your own life, I say take it one step further, why not be the President of Style and bring your home to its full potential!

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