What’s Your Style?

What’s your style?  As an Interior Designer, it is a question I am often asked.  Of course, I see the beauty in every style.  I would describe my style as Eclectic.  Eclectic style bridges the gaps between other styles and has a collected look, and most people I encounter have an eclectic style.  This style is filled with family treasures, found items, original art and great furniture.

The real questions that get more to the heart of “what’s your style” should be “what are your style influences”, and “which designers do you admire?”

For me it all started at home.  My mother is traditional in her decorating –  but always on trend.  My early memories (and early photos) are filled with great mid- century modern pieces in blond woods with raspberry and turquoise upholstery.  Fantastic, right?

The  1970s  gave our family the popular Mediterranean look of dark  woods with avocado and gold upholstery.  The 1980s of course lots of mauve and creams.   And after all of this decorating, it was mid-century color schemes that stayed with me.  I have always been a fan of reds and blues.

My next style influence was my Grandmother.  She was more of an eclectic, always moving furniture, painting, and putting usual combinations together.   The results were fun and inviting.  A very child-friendly look as all Grandmother’s homes should be.  I would say she was more of an English country style; a look designer Katherine Ireland has made popular.

Lastly, my Aunt Mimi.  Her decorating and personal style was glamor with a capital “G”!  Her apartment was sleek and shiny with lots of drama.  I remember being mesmerized as a child by a live red rose blossom floating in water in a crystal dish.  We didn’t have any thing like that at my house!  Mimi’s style reminds me most of the Ralph Lauren look.  A definite “more is more” look.

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about these styles in more detail.  In the meantime, I would love to hear about your style influences and favorite designers.

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