Optimism and White Paint

One of my favorite Elsie de Wolfe quotes – “I believe in optimism and plenty of white paint!”,  has been ringing true with me lately.  I seem to be drawn to all kinds of cool and warm whites, what does it all mean?  How could it be me – the lover of all things colorful and dramatic?

Most likely, design overload.  It’s the time of year where I place the new orders for the Ethan Allen show room – which translates to looking at lots of fabrics, rugs, and artwork.  I have also had the pleasure of  traveling a bit more than usual and as a result enjoying lots of design input from hotels,  galleries, design centers, restaurants!  I know  – wonderful problems to have.

In contrast here is a photo of the restaurant in Montreal we had dinner at Saturday;


Notice the prevailing white theme?  Walking by, I was immediately drawn to its freshness.   The food was amazing, but the calmness of the color was really what I was looking for.  There are probably 100s of shades of white, all calming , all timeless, all serene, and of course all optimistic, because only an optimist who also loves red wine (me) could live in an all white interior.

My top pick for the perfect white – Benjamin Moore White Dove.  How I adore it!  All the trim in my home is painted this color as well as all trim at Ethan Allen.  It is so luminious and crisp! And I will use it on the walls for my next painting project, maybe the bathroom?

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