Year 2025

Elle Decor, one of my favorite design magazines arrived in the mail this weekend. The cover has a break down of the trends of the last 10 decades.



IKEA just came out with a concept kitchen for 2025.  So many great ideas!  A table that not only works as a cook top but has built-in tablet functions for recipes etc.  If that is not exciting enough, it also features cold food storage on a slat wall design that has individual temperature controls!

Also, the tiny house and storage container house tend is continuing to grow.  I love these little houses.  They really seem to meet the needs of the families who build them.  And best of all, the tiny houses can be shipped to any where you may want to move.

All these great design trends are based on reducing our carbon foot print.  Technology helps us to function with a lot less.   10 years ago I never could have guessed my iPad would be so useful in my life.  Our homes are always evolving and design trends are always a reflection of this.

Here are my future design predictions:

Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, wool and silk – nothing feels better and they are so good for the environment.

Neutral color palettes – help to make small spaces seem bigger and easy to update with colorful accessories.

Furniture with multi functions – always a must for small spaces.

Strong relationships with outdoor space/indoor space – a great reminder to enjoy our natural environment.

I did cut my living space in half by downsizing six years ago to my City House brownstone.  Hard to imagine ever leaving it.  Who knows though – maybe a storage container house on the beach!





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