Everything Old is New Again

When I was first married my grandmother gave me several great pieces of furniture;  occasional tables and a couple of chairs, all cherry and mahogany hard woods. The only problem was they had all been painted  avocado green!  I spent a lot of time stripping and staining these beauties.  All the while thinking what ever possessed her to paint over this beautiful wood?

Fast forward to today.  Painted furniture is extremely popular.  For example, the cover of Ethan Allen’s July magazine is a painted piece.


Yes its true, paint is the easiest way to update an old tired wood piece or cabinet.  I have many Pinterest posts saved for chalk painting projects in every fabulous color  (except avocado).


I hate to admit it but,  I think my grandmother was on to something!  I  have several projects I am considering chalk painting in my home.  Here are a few of my inspirations:

However, I just can’t seem to take the plunge.  I keep thinking of all those refinishing hours.  Ok, maybe I will just buy a few painted pieces and skip the work.  How about you, any painting projects this summer?




  1. I also inherited a chair from my grandparents and spend hours stripping it back to the original pine. I polished it and paid to have the seat repaired. It’s the one item in our house that is safe from my paintbrush now I have discovered chalk paint!


    • I couldn’t agree more! Once the paint comes off and the piece is refinished it’s not a good candidate for painting. Isn’t it wonderful to have these pieces of family history? I know I cherish them.


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