The Joy of the Flea

image1865 City House is in the beautiful city of Troy N.Y.  I feel so lucky to live here – a truly walkable city. Troy has great shops, restaurants, bars, architecture, a weekly farmer’s market, yoga studios, art galleries, and a riverfront park. What else could I possibly want? A Flea market of course. Few things are more thrilling to me than treasure hunting at a good flea market. Jessica McEnaney, owner of the popular  Dang! That’s Cherry has organized a Troy Flea market running Sundays, July 19th through October 4th.  Hours are 11:00  –  4 :00 at Riverfront Park. I am counting the days! As a primer, I recommend everyone read  8 Flea Market Tips and Tricks  from Thoughtful Magazine

My first Flea market experience was at age 14.   I purchased this little gold mirror.  I still love it and I am looking forward to adding a few new items from the Troy Flea.

Happy treasure hunting and I hope to see you at the flea!


Flea Market Gem
Flea Market Gem



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