The Amazing Gallery Wall


Very on trend right now is the gallery wall.  Actually any one who remembers the Mary Tyler Moore show will realize anything old is new again.  Mary had her gallery wall complete with a wooden “M” which followed her to each apartment.   A gallery wall is a great way to fill a space with art, family photos and memorabilia. Gallery walls can be orderly as in a grid, or random  as in anything goes.  Planning is key.   First I recommend laying the gallery items on a table or the floor to get an idea of how it will look on the wall.  Next make a template from craft paper of each piece.  Mark where the nail will go.  Use masking tape with the templates and place them in the arrangement.  Check your measurements and hang your art.  Presto a beautiful gallery wall!

Recently I did a blog about organizing our home offices, one of the challenges was what to do with the 14 family photos in the bookcase.   The best solution was a gallery wall.  I ordered black frames with white mats, two sets of seven.  These were various sizes and came with templets included, a real time saver.  I also had copies made of the photos in black and white.  I hung the grouping in the stair well leading to our garden level (that’s what we call the basement)  I love the way it looks and I get to enjoy the photos every time I use the stairs.

If you are looking to claim some surface space and also fill a wall –  this is your solution.

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