The Must-Have List of Home Accessories

I love changing and rearranging the accessories in my home. I do this on a pretty regular basis.  This is one of the  aspects of my position in display planning at Ethan Allen I enjoy.  At work, I have a whole warehouse of accessories to choose from.  At home, its different because I don’t have a warehouse unfortunately.  I do have my “go to” accessories for both work and home.   I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of styling accessories that are essential for a well designed home. This is the list you can use to style  bookcases, mantels, coffee tables, basically any surface.


The preferred greenery  is live, but a good fake is better than a sad brown plant. Greenery is a great way to bring the outdoors in and create an organic feel to any space.  Branches, flowers, plants, and topiaries, all fall into the greenery category.



Books are great for adding color or texture.  Coffee table books are a great way to add your personally to a space.  If you love gardening, display your gardening books,  they will make you happy every time you see them.



Candles have the most flattering light.  Collect a variety of these in different sizes and shapes. Also have a collection of different candlesticks.  Glass and metal can add a reflective element to your space.



Vases, vessels, pots, boxes, and baskets.  These are essential for their versatility and storage.




Trays take a random collection of objects to an art form.  You can’t have too many.  Great for display, and practical for serving.


I  hope this helps you in bringing new styling ideas to your space!




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