Rules of Interior Design – Balance

Living with things you really love is best when it comes to interior design. However, you may be thinking “I do love everything in my space, but it just doesn’t look pulled together”. This is where the “Rules” (principles) of design come into play.  Yes, break the rules if you must; but knowing the rules  makes breaking them even more fun! Let’s look at the design principle of Balance. We hear a lot about balance in our lives, we need a good balance of work and home life.  In food we need a good balance of salty and sweet, in our surroundings we need a good balance of stimulation and calm.  The ying and yang.  So important, but in a world of safe and beige interiors, often it is balance that is missing. Balance from a design standpoint is created in many different ways. Furniture  placement is the framework for your space.

When looking for a formal look, symmetrical balance (think mirror image) works best.

An informal look is best accomplished with asymmetrical balance (think fulcrum) arrangement.

Or radial balance (think circle).

When you are in your space what do you see?  Do you see balance in your space or does your space resemble a waiting room at a medical facility.  Hopefully the former.  If not , it’s time to  rearrange your furniture using these basic guidelines.

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