gallery Top Ten Reasons to Fall in Love with an Old House

We all fall in love for different reasons. Yes , of course many say you can’t love a thing. Naturally we don’t love hard wood floors the way we love our children. But love is love. Here are my top 10 reasons to love an old house:


#1.   Solid Wood Double Doors – Large Deliveries, No Problem!  #2.  Pocket Doors – Instant Privacy  #3.  French Doors – Pretty (not sure why they are French)



#4 Tall Windows –  Let the sun shine in all day long!  #5  Bay Windows   – Room for plenty of plants, a mini greenhouse!

#6  Glass Door Knobs – Bling for your Doors!  #7  Vintage Light Fixtures  – Love the Gas Turn Keys!


#8  Banded Wood Floors – Like Ribbon on a Gift!  #9  Plaster Mouldings –  All the Crown Moulding is Jealous!

#10  Twin Marble Fireplaces – Twice as Nice!

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