Spring, Glorious Spring!

Spring, spring, glorious spring!  Time to open the windows, fill the flower vases, and put the winter blankets away.  Not only a great time of year to plant seeds outdoors for colorful displays of flowers, but also to bring nature inside. Wonderful blossoms remind us of spring’s promise of warm sunny days ahead.  Spring is made for color, and colorful flowers are a great way to set your intentions for the new season.  Use the language of flowers as in Victorian times and/or the language of color as in  Feng Shui, to remind yourself of your goals for Spring.

Language of Flowers                                                 Language of color In Feng Shui

roses = love, passion, balance                                       red = power, passion

azalea = patience                                                                 white = purity

daffodil =  admiration, esteem                                       purple = wealth

peony = happy life                                                               green = energy

tulips = perfect love                                                            yellow = health

orchids = new beginnings, love,  beauty                    blue = knowledge

So if you are looking for more life balance and better health this spring, an arrangement of yellow roses on your desk or coffee table will go a long way.

Happy Spring!


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