Welcome to 1865 City House

I have the pleasure of living in a circa 1865 Italianate style brownstone in historic Troy, NY.  I love this house.  It is small and perfect for me.  My husband and I downsized to this home six years ago, and everything in it tells the story of us.  The house itself has its own story and we are happy to be the most recent chapter.  This blog is to serve as a design resource and inspiration for everyone, but especially for people  who live in historic homes.

I was reading a great article today about Iris Apfel.  If you are not familiar with Ms. Apfel, she is an interior design icon.  At 93 she is productive, engaged, and in high demand in this field.  She recently opened her warehouse for an auction to sell some 800 items she has decided she can part with.  In this interview she was asked if she still follows certain interior designers or just continues to blaze her own path.  Ms. Apfel said she “found current design boring, you can’t tell who lives in any of these apartments.  They are like divine hotel suites.”  Thank you Ms.  Apfel!  I could not agree more.  Your home should be a reflection of you, tell the story of your past and present.  It should be unique to you and only you.

I don’t know if it would be a blessing or a curse to have a warehouse filled with beautiful objects like Ms. Apfel.  Wonderful of course to collect these objects, but sad not to be able to display and enjoy them.  Hopefully you are enjoying all your special objects that tell your story.  Here are some photos of my favorite things.  Please share yours.


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  1. Lynda, I think this is great. It is so important to let people know that they can display and appreciate their favorite things. Your home is an extension of who you are and it is also a way to further communicate with others by sharing you precious belonging and ideas with them in an artistic and creative way. .


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